NEMA34 Brushed Servo Motor With Differantial Encoder Signals and Home Limit Switch

Part Number: SMTR-3401D
Brushed DC Servo Motor
Skewed Rotor Design For Coordinate Positioning Applications
Perfect For CNC Machine Retrofits
Electically Noise Resistant Differential Encoder Signals
Encoder Has 250 Clock Pulses Per Revolution
Long Motor Cables and Useful in Plasma Torch Table Applications
NEMA34 Frame Mount with 1/2 inch Shaft
Pre-wired Crush Proof Home Limit Switch
Common DB15 Male Connector

Continuous Torque: 170 oz/in
Peak Torque: 850 oz/in
terminal voltage: 72 VDC
continuous current: 8.5A
peak current: 38A
inertia: 3.39
maximum operating speed: 4200 rpm
torque constant (KT): .1757 N. m/am
voltage constant (KE): 15.71 volts/100 rpm
resistance: 85 ohm
inductance: 2.35 mH
weight: 8.8 lbs
7 inches Long
PN_SMTR-3401D-PNG CNC Machine Tool Coordinate Motion Motors Price List
NEMA34 Brushed Servo Motor with Differential Encoder Signals, Homing Limit Switch and DB16 Male ConnectorPart# SMTR-3401D  Servo Motor with Covered Encoder 250 line CPR, Differential Encoder Signals, 72 volts, 8.5 Amps, 850 oz/in, DB15 Male Connector.   Weight: 8 lbs........$495.00

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NEMA34 Brushed Servo Motor with Differential Encoder Signals
SMTR-3401D Schematic Drawing

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