Desktop CNC Taig Micro Mill with Gecko Powered Servomotors
Part Number: Taig-3000-LBGS

Taig Long Bed Micro Mill with Brushed DC Servo Motors

* Completely Assembled and Tested before Shipping.

* Strong Smooth Reliable Movement! Built for Heavy Duty Work.
* Compatible with CamPod and SuperCamXp the USB interface.
* USB CNC Plug and Play compatible with Windows XP and Vista

Desktop Micro Mill
* Base Iron is Taig-2019CR Micro Mill
* 20 Turns Per Inch Lead Screws on All Three Axis.
* 2000 Increments of Resolution Per Revolution.
* 0.000025 inch (0.000635mm) Movement Per Increment.
* 48 Inches Per Minute Rapid Travel Speed.
* Precision Spindle with Runout Less than 0.0005 inch.
* Home Limit Switches Wired and Tested

CNC Motor Controller
* Controller and Motors is the Part Number: EMC-XYZ-GSBX-K3P
* Motor Controller has Standard Parallel Printer Port Connector.
* Internal Power Supply of 60 Volts, 8.3 Ampere, 120 or 240 VAC input.
* Relay Power Control for Spindle Motor and Auxilary Device.
* Home Limit Circuits for each Servomotor have Signal Noise Filters
* GeckoDrive G320 Servo Drive Modules.
* Three Pittman Brushed Servo Motors
* With 500 CPR encoders, Single End Signals

TAIG Accessories Included:
Milling Vise PN #TAIG-1225, 0-1/4"
Jacobs Chuck PN #TAIG-1091
Drill Chuck Arbor PN #TAIG-1140
Collet Set PN #TAIG-1040

CNC Taig Servo Mill Price List
Desktop Mill with Servo MotorsPart# TAIG-3000-LBGS-P  Taig Micro Mill with ER16 Spindle and Three DC servomotors, 500 line encoder coupled to Gecko 320 Servo Driver modules. 0.000025 inch movement increments on all three axis. Includes: XYZ Servo Motor Controller with internal Power Supply; Parallel Port Step and Direction Interface; USB CamPod with SuperCamXp, All cables required, TAIG accessories - Milling Vise, 2 End Mills, ER Collet Set - 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 1/16 inch   Weight: 132 lbs........$3,490.00

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Pictures of Desktop CNC Taig Mill with Brushed DC Servo Motors

Taig Mill with Servo Motors Attached

Taig Mill with Servo Motors Attached

Taig Mill with Servo Motors Attached

This shows the Z axis servo motor.

This picture shows the X Servo Motor and the attached Limit Switch.

Y Servo Motor and the attached Limit Switch.

The servo motors with the adapter plate that mates the servo motors to the mill.

Gecko Powered Servor Motor Controller, Cables, CamPod and SuperCamXp CD

Connections to the CNC Controller.

This shows the end of the Y Lead Screw without the Servo motor Mounted.

This shows the Z axis limit switch and the spindle motor On/Off switch.

This is a picture looking under the Table Saddle. It shows the Brass Y-Nut on the Y Lead Screw. The are allen head screws to adjust the tension of the nut to the lead screw.

This is text engrave with a high relief of 0.125 inches in aluminum plate.
Part Number: TAIG-3000-LBGS Desktop CNC Servo MicroMill Specifications
Brushed Servo Motors on all three Axis
Maximum Rapid Travel :48 IPM 0.8 Inches Per Second
Electronic Motor Controller :Super Tech's   EMC-XYZ-GSBX
Table Size :18.375" Wide X 3.5" Deep
Maximum Travel :11.75"- X, 4.75" - Y, 5.25" - Z
Linear Position Resolution :0.000025 Inch  0.000635 MM
Spindle Motor:1/4 HP  117 VAC 60 or 50 Hertz
Spindle Speed Contol :5 Step Pulleys and Belt
Spindle Speeds :1100 to 10,000 RPM
Total Shipping Weight :132 lbs
Shipping Cartons :3 boxes
15 x 15 x 15 inches 43 lbs, Controller and Motors
22 x 17 x 12 inches 48 lbs, Z axis
22 x 17 x 12 inches 43 lbs, Mill Base

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