Parallel Port CNC Desktop Taig Micro Mill Complete Three Axis Setup

Part Number: Taig-3000-LBMP
Parallel Port Step and Direction Compatible with Mach3
Parallel Port Plug and Play with Mach3
Strong Smooth Reliable Machine Movement!
Inches or Metric Units of Measurement
Completely Assembled and Tested before Shipping.

Desktop Micro Mill
* Base Mechanism is Taig-2019CR-ER Micro Mill
* Axis Travel Distances 11.75" X, 4.75" Y, 5.25" Z.
* 20 Turns Per Inch Lead Screws on All Three Axis.
* 0.00003125 Inch Step Increment Size.
* Spindle Accepts ER-16 Collets.
* Spindle Motor is 1/4 hp, 120 VAC.
* Precision Spindle with Runout Less than 0.0005 inch.
* Spindle Pulleys have six V-belt slots for setting speeds.
* Spindle Speeds are 1050,1650, 2600, 4200, 6700, 10600.
* Crush Proof Home Limit Switches Wired and Tested.
* Spindle Power Switch on Main Column.

Included TAIG Accessories:
Milling Vise
2 End Mills
ER Collet Set - 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 1/16 inch
CNC Motor Controller Parallel Port Interface
* Mighty Box Micro Stepping Motor Controller with Parallel Port Interface.
   Controller and Motors are the Part Number: EMC-XYZ-MUBX-K3
   SuperCamXp for G-code Development
   Mach3 Demonstration Version on CD

* Three 300 oz/in NEMA23 Stepper Motors.
* Internal Power Supply of 24 Volts, 6.5 Ampere
* Controller Main Power is 120 or 240 VAC input.
* Trimpot Adjustable Motor Phase Currents.
* Home Limit Switches Wired and Tested
* Relay Power Control for Spindle Motor and Auxilary Device.
* Strong Smooth Reliable Machine Movement!

Shipped in Three Boxes
Three Boxes Total Weight 120 lbs.
   22" X 17" X 12" Box weighs 50 lbs Mill Z Axis
   22" X 17" X 12" Box weighs 41 lbs Mill Base
   14" X 14" X 14" Box weights 29 lbs Controller, Motors and Cables

Mach3 Compatable Micro Mill setupPart# TAIG-3000-LBMP  Taig Micro Mill with Micro Step Controller and Motors, 0.00003125 increment of movement on all three axis. Includes: EMC-XYZ-MUBX Micro Step Motor Controller with internal 24 Volt Power Supply; Parallel Port Interface, SuperCamXp for G & M Code Generation, Demonstration version of Mach3 Included; TAIG accessories - Milling Vise, 2 End Mills, ER Collet Set - 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 1/16 inch   Weight: 120 lbs........$2,195.00

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