PN# USB-XYYZ-MUBX-K4B USB CNC Four(4) Motor Bundled CNC XYZ Machine Control Kit

Part Number: USB-XYYZ-MUBX-K4B

USB CNC Plug and Play compatible with Windows XP and Vista

Configured to run three axis machine tools with the Y motors synchronized. This is for driving grantry styled machines with a motor for each end of the gantry bridge.

Complete Computerized Motion Control CNC Kit to Make Computer Controlled Power Tools - EveryThing You Need Electronic!

Typical Use:
Three(3) Axis XYZ Grantry type tables with NEMA 23 size stepper motors
Plasma Tables
Small Routers Tables
Glue Spreaders

Key Features:
XYYZ Configuration
The Two(2) Y Motors are Synchronized for Driving a Gantry at Both Ends
USB interfaced, USB cable Attached to the Controller
Micro Step Unipolar Motor Driver Configuration
Requires Six(6) Wire Stepper Motors
By Default 1600 Steps Per Revolution
Jumper Configurable 400, 800, 1600, 3200 Steps Per Revolution
Three(3) Ampere Per Phase Maximum Current Capacity
Each Motor has it's Own Drive Electronics
Each Motor has Home Limit Switch Circuit with Low-Pass Filter
Each Motor has a DB9 Female Connector
Motors are 420 oz/in Torque
Motors have 3/8 inch Diameter Shafts
Motors are Double Shafted

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor, 420 oz/in, 3/8" shaft on one end, 1/4" shaft on other end
Price List
PN#USB-XYYZ-MUBX-K4, Three(3) Axis, Four(4) Motor Micro Stepping Controller KitPart# USB-XYYZ-MUBX-K4B  XYYZ, USB, Unipolar, 1600 Step/Rev, 3 Amp., Micro Step Motor Controller, three axis, drives four Unipolar motors, the two Y motors are synchronized. Two(2) Relay Controlled Main Power Recepticals. With SuperCamXp. Internal Power Supply, 24 Volt, 6.5 Amp., 150 Watt, 120/240 Switchable. USB interface with SuperCamXp. Four(4) motors with 3/8" shafts and 420 oz/in torque, Home Limit Switches,the ten(10) foot cables are included. USB cable included with controller. In metal utility box 10 x 10 x 4 inches.   Weight: 29 lbs........$1,695.00

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