CNC Taig Micro Mill with Servo Motors for Coordinate Positioning Movements
Completely Assembled and Tested before Shipping

Strong Smooth Reliable Movement! Built for Heavy Duty Work

*SuperCamXp is included and compatible with USB interface.
*Step and Direction Parallel port for Mach3 control software.

SuperCamXp Controlling Taig Micro Mill Moving and Jogging

SuperCamXp Controlling Taig Mill Simple Use Video
Taig Micro Mill
* Base Mechanism is Taig-2019CR-ER Micro Mill
* Axis Travel Distances 11.75" X, 4.75" Y, 5.25" Z.
* 20 Turns Per Inch Lead Screws on All Three Axis.
* Precision Spindle with Runout Less than 0.0005 inch.
* Spindle Motor is 1/4 hp, 120 VAC.
* Spindle Pulleys have six V-belt slots for setting speeds.
* Spindle Speeds are 1050,1650, 2600, 4200, 6700, 10600.
* Spindle Accepts ER-16 Collets.
* Crush Proof Home Limit Switches Wired and Tested

SuperCamXp Machine Interface Video
TAIG Accessories Included
Milling Vise
2 End Mills - 3/32 and 3/16 inch
ER Collet Set - 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 1/16 inch

Super Accurate
0.000025 inch increment of movement
0.0000635 meter increment of movement

22 x 17 x 11 - 48 lbs
22 x 17 x 11 - 41 lbs
14 x 14 x 14 - 28 lbs
CNC Motor Controller
* Controller and Motors are the Part Number: TresServo-K3
* USB or Standard Parallel Printer Port Connector.
* Internal Power Supply of 25 Volts, 6 Ampere, 120 or 240 VAC input.
* PWM with PID motor tuning
* Current Overload and Position Error Faults
* Relay Power Control for Spindle Motor and Auxilary Device.
* Single DB15 Connector for each Motor.
* Custom Motor Cables Six(6) feet long for each Motor.

CNC Retrofit Bundle for Desktop Micro Mills, Taig and SherlinePart# TresServo-K3  CNC MicroMill Controller and Three(3) Brushed DC Servo Motors with Encoders and Six(6) Foot Motor Cables, and SuperCamXp for the USB interface. Each motor includes a crush proof Limit Switch.   Weight: 28 lbs........$1,495.00
Taig Micro Mill with Servo Motors for Coordinate Movements, Fast, Smooth, Accurate, Dependable and ReliablePart# TAIG-3000-LBTS  Taig Micro Mill with ER16 Spindle and Three DC servomotors, 500 line encoder, 0.000025 inch / 0.0000635 meter movement increments on all three axis. Includes:TresServo Motor Controller with internal Power Supply; USB Interface with the SuperCamXp program which is included, Three Servo Motor Cables and a USB Cable, TAIG accessories - Milling Vise, 2 End Mills, ER Collet Set - 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 1/16 inch   Weight: 122 lbs........$2,995.00

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