Project New England Signs Controller Retrofit

New England Signs Computerized Router without a Controller

North East Electronics LTD. Manufactured the original motor controller. Original Controller had DB25 Male that brought the motor phase wiring to the box.

There also appears to be Limit Switches that are installed on the machine.

It appears to be feasible to use the existing wiring.

Need to determine the wiring of the DB25 male and where the limit switches are wire.

The wires can be removed from the existing connectors and wire nut connected to motor connectors for the controller with short wires already soldered to the connector.

Another option is to make a wiring harness that will mate with the existing cables and the controller.

Need to know how far each axis moves for one turn of the motor shaft that drives it.

The controller has 2000 steps per revolution. The distance the axis moves in one turn of the shaft is divided into 2000 steps.

Dividing the distance moved by 2000 will provide you with the step size, SuperCamXp will keep place the machine at the nearest possible step for coordinate positioning.

Recommending Controller EMC-XYZ-GBX and the USB CamPod with SuperCamXp for Retrofitting.

Can not guarantee that you will wire it up properly with current information.

Costing $2090.00 USD plus shipping on a 15 x 15 x 15 inch Box, weight aproximately 20 lbs.

Wiring for the Z Axis Motor, looks to be setup for a bipolar driver.

Where the old controller sat. The existing cables.

Stepping Motor, Eastern Air Devices, LA34BJK-P300, 3A/6A 1.8 DEG

Original Table wiring connectors that use to connect to the CNC Controller.

Stepping Motor, Eastern Air Devices, LA34BJK-P300, 3A/6A 1.8 DEG
Showing Eight(8) Wires coming out of the motor.

Motor Wiring Schematic for Series or Parallel, (8 Leads)

Is this showing a limit switch installed?

Looking down the X axis showing linear rails and lead screw

Gantry End View. Gantry is driven by one(1) stepper motor, the Y axis.

Gantry Y axis Timing Belt Drive

Grantry Belt Drive Pulleys

Front View of CNC Router Table

Original North East Electronics CNC Controller

Original North East Electronics CNC Controller Motor Connector on back panel

Three ways to wire up the stepping motors.
Unipolar, Series Bipolar or Parallel Bipolar

Recommended Controller EMC-XYZ-GBX for Retrofitting

CamPod, USB to Parallel Port Connector, Motor Indexer for SuperCamXp

SuperCamXp comes with the USB CamPod

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