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The RT2742 size Plasma Torch Machine, with support Table.

The machine is completely assembled. Requires an EMC-XYYB-BX-K3 Controller kit which includes: A three (3) motor controller; Three (3) NEMA 23 Stepper motors with wiring harnesses; Three (3) 6ft. Motor cables; One (1) Parallel Printer Port cable; SuperCam CNC Machine Tool Control Operating System Software Program, with Instruction Manual.

System Requirements: PC Computer with Pentium DX Processor or better with 2 megabytes of system RAM and 2 Megabytes Hard Disk space; Plasma Torch with power supply.

Currently available on the website are the kits and prices for the RT2742 & RT4848 size machines & support tables. If your interest is in a larger machine, please contact us.
Painting is not included.

Deciding on what kit to purchase seems to be a popular question.

The kits are offered from just the hardware or fabricated parts or both, to a completely welded kit that has been assembled here and tested before shipping.

If you are able and have access to cutting and welding equipment, then the RT- HRDWR-FAB (includes all the hardware and fabricated parts for one machine) Kit would be the way to go. Maybe you don't want to do the cutting and or welding, there are kits offered to accommodate the phase of the building, of the machine, that you want.

All the materials used for the plasma table design were carefully considered and therefore are easily accessible.

There is an instruction manual on the main page for the RoboTorch in .pdf format. Shown in the back of the manual is the hardware and where it can be purchase separately and also the fabricated parts needed for the table that are manufactured here at Super Tech. It contains all the dimensional cuts for the smaller table (27x42). Your kit will come with additional information including the length of cuts required for your table. The only difference for a larger table is the length of cuts for the x and y rails and the gear racks. All the other parts will work for any size table.

The support table that is offered separately is a simple design and can be built and assembled with the capability of cutting and welding. The design for the table can be purchased for $14.95 USD.

RT-FAB: Fabricated Parts Kit includes: (3) Motor Mounts, (1) Lead Bearing Mount, (4) End plates, (4) Motor/Bearing Brackets
Individual Parts Descriptions
under development 10/05/02

RT-EP: End Plates are fabricated from 2" x 0.125" flat steel cut at 10" lengths. Four (4) are required for each machine, two for the carriage and two for the gantry. One on each end of the two Cross Angle Carriage parts that fit flush into the 'V' slots. The grid pattern of holes are for aligning the stand-off Roller/Clamping Assembly.

RT-10AA: The Motor/Bearing Brackets are fabricated from 1" x 1" x 0.125" angle iron cut at 10" lengths. They are welded to the Cross Angle Carriage parts and the X axis Rails (gantry). Holes are drilled and tapped for attaching the Motor Assemblies and Truck Bearing Assembly on one side and for the Bearing Assemblies on the opposite side.

RT-MM: The Motor Mounts are fabricated from 0.25" phenolic, to sizes 3.625" x 2.4375". Made for NEMA 23 size motors. Four (4) #8 screw size holes are drilled and tapped for attaching the motor. Two (2) #8 screw size holes are drilled for attaching to the Motor/Bearing Bracket, one larger for adjustment .

RT-TBM: The Truck Bearing Mount is fabricated from 0.25" phenolic, to size 3.625" x 1.5". Holds the Truck Bearing Assembly.. Two (2) #8 screw size holes are drilled for attaching to the Motor/Bearing bracket on the Carriage, one larger for adjustment.


Shoulder Screws: 0.375" #10 Screw Size

Shoulder Screws: 0.75" #10 Screw Size

Gear Rack:


Screw, Spacer & Nut:

Screw & Nut:

Screw & Washer:
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