SuperCam Function Keys

Keyboard Function Keys
F1Clears the drawing area then redraws the drawing in the memory buffer.
F2Zoom window. Allows user to select an area of the screen to zoom in on.
F3Zoom Previous.
F4Zoom to limits of the attached XYZ Mechanism. If in 3D mode, each successive execution cause different viewpoint to be presented.
F5Pan the graphic view port.
F6Toggles main graphic display from 2D to 3D or visa versa.
F7Toggles Grid on|off.
F8Toggles Ortho Mode on|off.
F9Toggles Snap Mode on|off.
F10Toggles between single View Port or four(4) View Port main graphic display.
Keyboard Shift Function Keys
This is the function key activity when used with one of the Shift keys down on the keyboard.
Shift-F1Displays the help file.
Shift-F2Toggles the draw up flag.
Shift-F3Toggles the Display flag.
Shift-F4Toggles the xytable selected flag.
Shift-F5Toggles Drag Mode on|off. This can be most helpful when very complex graphic items are being dragged on the screen during a move, copy, scale, or rotate command.
Shift-F6Main 3D view port setup.
Shift-F7Displays the status of the 3D view port.
Shift-F8Toggles the coordinate display mode.
Shift-F9Toggle the display of the graphic item nodes.
Shift-F10Creates screen dumps while in SuperCam. It creates scrn0.bmp file. Subsequent Shift-F10 keystrokes create scrn1.bmp, scrn2.bmp... files.
In Motion Keyboard Function Keys

When the attached XYZ table or mechanism is in motion the following function keys will have effect.

The F1 is particularly useful when determining where the mechanism is in the drawing space, at some high rates of travel the spindle cursor will not be displayed unless the F1 function key has been used.

The F2 and F3 can be used to increase or decrease the motion speed while the mechanism is moving. The speed is either increased or decreased by 5%.

F1Toggles the display of the spindle|torch current location.
F2Speeds up the current motion mode.
F3Slows down the current motion mode.
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