Notes on Using SuperCam to control a Lathe
Notes on controlling a Lathe with SuperCam

SuperCam might be very useful even though it is not directly intended to be used with a lathe.

The SuperCam causes the motors to follow lines in a drawing.

I have often thought that having a motor that would move the cutting tool across the face of the cylinder, and another motor that would drive the tool into the cylinder would make a very useful tool. When hooked to SuperCam with the X as across and the Y as depth of cut to control the depth of cut.

I would think making a part on the lathe would be as easy as making a drawing of the cutting tools path that is required to make that part.

Need Pictures of what tool path would look like

Wayne Regehr has connected the X motor to a large lathe Chuck via a 100:1 gear box. Then he has connected the Y motor to a linear rail with a Plasma torch. He uses it to cut silhouttes in steel pipe. I think it could also be applied to cutting round holes in pipes.

Need picture of how the motors would mount.

Need to consider the usefulness of mounting an XY table in front of the lathe chuck. Put on the table tool posts with different cutting tools in them. One for ruff cuts, one for finishing cuts, one for end finishing and a cut off tool. By positioning the table at different points you can engage different cutting tools with the material. This in effect would give you an automatic tool changer.

Need a picture or scketch of how this would look like.

The rigidity of the XY table would have to be strong. The XY linear slides would have to sustain the cutting pressures created when the tool engages the material.

Consider using an XY vice as the base mechanism.

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