SuperCam's Machine Setup
1. Configure the parallel port. By default the parallel port address is 0x378, there are 17 different parallel port address configuration. The keyboard command is port. The pull down SETUP has the command MCONFIG at the bottom, select it. The MCONFIG dialog window will be presented.
2. Configure the signal to pin assignments. There are two keyboard commands portmode and setptyp. In most circumstances SuperCam will by default have the proper settings.
3. Limit Switch level definitions. Keyboard command switches or Control-W. The main object is to make sure that when the limit switches are engaged the corresponding status indicator should turn RED and indicate ON.
The buttons above the Limit Switch Modes toggle between HIGH and LOW. This sets the value that determines when a switch is engaged indicating that the associated axis is at it's limit.
4. Checkout Relays. The Home key on the keyboard should toggle the Relay A on or off depending on what the current state is. The End key on the keyboard should toggle Relay B. Keyboard commands on and ona turn on Relay A, off and offa turn off Relay A. The keyboard command onb and offb turn on and off relay B. Pin on parallel port assigned to Relay A and Relay B will be high when the associated relay is to be engaged and on.
5. Setting step sizes. The motors attached to the linear drive axis move in increments. If the motors are steppers the step size is how far the associatied axis moves for each step. If the motors are servos with encoders the step size is the distance the associated axis moves for each clock cycle of the encoder.
6. Setting direction of movement. The axis motors can turn clockwise or counter clockwise. The object is to set the direction of movement values so that when the jog keys a hit the attached mechanism will move in the expected direction. If it moves in the opposite direction expected the rotation direction variable should be toggled.
7. Set Table Limits. All machines have limits to movement for each axis. There are maximum and minimum values of possible positions for X, Y and Z axis.
8. Configure Home Command. There are three sets of parameters for the Home command. First the direction each axis is to move to engage the limit switches. Second, the coordinates of the machine when the limit switches are engaged. Third, the coordinates the machine is to move to when after all the limit switches have been engaged.
9. Test with machine movement.
10. Determine Maximum Starting steps and Maximum steps per second.
11. Setting machine type.
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