Using SuperCam with Local Area Networks

SuperCam does not have to be run from a DOS prompt. It can run from a shortcut on a Windows 98 desktop. You do not have to reboot to DOS to use the machine.

I have my machines on a LAN network. I can transfer files to and from a computer used to control a machine when the machine is not being moved by SuperCam. If SuperCam is loaded but not moving the machine the network can see the hard drive under SuperCam, if the machine is moving it is off the network.

Whenever SuperCam is about to cause machine motion it boots it's own real time operating system, which turns of virtually all the system interrupts, including the system clock interrupts. Any network activity is ignored. When machine movement is completed the hooks to the host operating system are restored and the system clock is restored from the battery powered real time clock. Works the same way whether in DOS or Windows 98. It is not truely a Windows 98 application.

SuperCam does not work with Windows XP or Windows 2000.

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