SuperCam Hardware System Requirements
Recent changes to the movement algorithm has made SuperCam more sensitive to the host computer system. It does not work with USB periferals. The keyboard and mouse must be of the PS2 type.
Host Operating System:MS-DOS or Windows 98 or ME
Does Not work with Windows 2000 or XP
Processor :Pentium MMX type or Better
Currently Pentium III 400 Mhz is the development system
Processor Clock Frequency :100 Mhz or Better
Math Co-Processor :Required
Minimum System RAM:8 megabytes
Display Adapter :640 X 480 pixels, 16 colors
System Pointer :PS2 Mouse
Floppy Drive:3.5 inch, 1.44 megabyte
Hard Drive:Required
Parallel Ports :Standard Parallel Port (SPP)
ECP Parallel Ports Do Not Work
Serial Ports :COM1 or COM2
Present with DB9 male connector
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