SuperCam CAD/CAM CNC Machine Control Operating System
Demo Download Version 3.7K

Publish Date: 05/13/03

The SuperCam.exe Demo Version can be downloaded by clicking on SCDEMO.EXE the file is 1,539,291bytes long.  

After executing the file in a sub- directory named SuperCam off the root directory, there will be a demo version of SuperCam.exe that is 2,363,348 bytes long. 

To view the installation procedure click on README.TXT.  The web page scinstall.htm will help you install SuperCam.  The web page scfiles.htm is a listing of all the files that are created after executing scdemo.exe.

Samples can be downloaded by clicking on SAMPLES.EXE the file is 117k long.

The Demo Version will not change the direction of the X motor, it will not generated G-code files, there are sixty (60) program loads allowed, July 4, 2004 it stops working.

Can be configured to operate many different kinds of motor controllers. How to Install Demo Version On Your Hard Drive

Create a sub-directory named SuperCam off the root directory of the Hard Drive C:.

Copy the SCDEMO.EXE to that directory and decompress by executing.

To run SuperCam, type SuperCam at the prompt while in that directory. The demo files are configured to look for the support files in the c:\SuperCam sub-directory.

SuperCam is a DOS based program but can be run from the Windows 98 environment.

A self extracting .DXF file of the mechanical drawing for the MiniRobo can be downloaded by clicking on MiniRobo.exe.

Source for CNC G-code program.The source image butts.tif that was used to create G-code text file.  The G-code file can be downloaded by clicking on TIFF.exe.  It is a self-expanding compressed file that contains the butts.tif, tiff.txt, tiffv.txt files.  The top left corner is located physically at 0.0,3.0, the bottom right will be at 8.0,0.0.   The first cut is at the top left of the image.  The G-code files will generate a 8" X 3" sized tool path, with the pixel size set to 0.035", the surface of the material which will be at Z=0.0..   The tiff.txtfile has a maximum depth of cut of 0.1" for Black, White will be 0.001" below the surface, this file will create a contoured surface.  The tiffv.txt file has a maximum depth of cut of  0.019" for Black pixels, White will be 0.001" below the surface, this file will create a linewidth image engraving, with a 90 degree cutting Vee Tipped tool.

Schematics for single stepper motor drive circuits are available as HPGLfiles.  Click on schemats.exe to download a Bipolar,Unipolar and Direct Phase schematics.  The file will self-expand into unpoldrv.plt, bipoldrv.plt and mtrdrv.plt.  The SuperCamdemo program can be used to view the drawings.

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