SuperCamXp Command Notes
Draw Command Notes
The Draw commands are concerned with creating graphic items in the drawing buffer.

Draw commands create objects that are saved to a file with the .CAM extension or directly used as machine tool path instructions. They are the basis for all subsequent tool movements. These commands cause items to be placed in the drawing buffer that resides in memory or is saved to a disk file for later recall.

The sidebar menu is replaced during the execution of the command with a control frame that has the Exit button on it.

The Exit button will terminate the current command.

The ESC key on the keyboard will also terminate the command in process.

The display mode function keys are functional during the execution of the command. This lets you zoom and pan the graphics display area.

Mouse button activity message is displayed at the prompts for user input.

Example: <Pick|Done> click on left mouse button to select point or click on right mouse button to terminate the command early.

When parameters are entered with the keyboard the right mouse button will act as the Enter key on the keyboard.

If there have been no keystrokes entered and the right mouse button is clicked, will cancel the command.

At the command prompt with no keystrokes entered the Enter or the Spacebar will repeat the last command. A right click on the mouse will also repeat the last command.

At the command prompt if there are keystrokes entered the right mouse button click will act as the Enter key on the keyboard.

Display Command Notes
These commands are concerned with the display of the graphics area of the main form.

The grid is an equally spaced pattern of dots when the display is in 2D mode, it is a pattern of lines drawn at a preset Z coordinate when the display is in 3D mode.

Clicking on the panels in the top status bar will effect the associated parameters.

Deselecting items is accomplished by clicking on the Items Selected panel in the top status bar, the most right panel.

The mouse cursor is displayed in two(2) different ways.
  The reticule cross hair is for selecting coordinates.
  The cross hair with a little box at the intersection is for selecting items.

If multiple items are selected, Shift-Backspace will deselect the last item selected.

When using a window to select items there is a different selection process if the mouse movement was left to right or right to left.

When the select window is created by moving left to right items are selected if they are completely inside the select window’s border.

When the select window is created by moving right to left items are selected if they are inside and or are touching the border of the select window.

The select window is draw in different colors depending direction of the windows creating mouse movements.

Function key commands can be executed in the midst of executing other commands.
F1 function key does three things. Redraw, Zoom Out, Zoom In.
F2 does a Zoom Window.
F3 does a Zoom Previous.
F4 does a Zoom to Limits of the machine.
F5 does a Pan command.
F6 toggles between 2D and 3D graphics display.
F7 toggles the displayed grid on and off.
F8 toggles Ortho mode on and off.
F9 toggles the mouse cursor Snap on and off.
F10 toggles the graphics area between single view and four(4) view ports.

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