Dxf import configuration

DXF Path this is the path of the last file opened.

Last File Name this is the last file opened.

XYZ Scale this sets the scale factor for importing the DXF drawing.

Z Scale this value sets the scale factor for Z axis coordinates that are imported.

Mode this button can be either 2D XY or 3D XYZ, for normal use it should remain in the 2D XY setting.

Swap this button will cause axis to be swapped, effectively rotating the drawing on import.

Hidden when YES 3D surfaces not normally visible are drawn. When NO 3D surface not normally seen are not drawn.

Arc's when ON the arc and circles in the DXF file are imported without modification. When OFF the arcs and circles in the DXF file are changed to polylines upon importation.

Line Width when ON line that have a width value are import as wide lines. When OFF lines with the width value are imported as single lines with no width, the tool will follow the center of the line.

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