SuperCamXp Installation

First install SuperCamXp program then plug in the USB CamPod.

If the demonstration version of SuperCamXp has been previously installed on the computer it is required that it be uninstalled. This is done by going into the control panel and then clicking on the add or remove programs icon. It takes a few moments to build the list of installed programs. The list is in alphabetical order, scroll down the list until you find SuperCamXp. Click on the row and then the Change/Remove button. Completely uninstall the previous version of SuperCamXp.

Install the SuperCamXp CD in the drive. Use the Windows explorer to browse the files on the CD. Normally there are three files, double click on the Setup.exe file.

You will be presented with a list of dialog windows. Answer the questions to install the program in the default location on the hard drive of C:\Program Files\SuperCamXp. Clicking on the default setup questions does this.

Once SuperCamXp is installed there will be an entry in the Programs list for SuperCamXp. To create a desktop shortcut right click on the SuperCamXp entry and drag and drop on to the Desktop. Select Create Shortcut from the list of options presented.

When SuperCamXp is installed it puts the USB drivers for the CamPod in the C:\Program Files\SuperCamXp\USB_Drivers folder. After the program has been installed is when you need to install the drivers for the USB CamPod.

Often the USB CamPod installs as a USB Serial Converter. This is not the correct way to have it installed. If this happens go into the Control Panel and click on the System Icon then the Hardware Devices button. Then Update the USB Serial Converter with the a driver found in the SuperCamXp\USB_Driver folder. The objective is to install the driver for a FTDI FT8U2XX Device.

When SuperCamXp is install along with the driver the bottom left panels on the bottom status bar will display USB OK and CamPod Polling. This indicates the CamPod is handshaking with SuperCamXp.

Clicking on SELECT on the sidebar menu and on a jog button should cause the motors on the machine to move. The MOVETO command on the sidebar menu lets you move the machine carriage around with a click of the mouse button.

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