Using SuperCam CNC G & M Code Files
There are three commands that deal with CNC G & M code files, IMP_CNC, VIEWCNC and EDITCNC.

The IMP_CNC command imports G & M code files and executes them on the attached machine if it is selected. If is Deselected the machine movement is displayed to the graphic area.

The VIEWCNC command displays the G & M code files to the graphics area. The best results place SuperCam in 3D display mode by toggling the F6 key.

The EDITCNC command lets you edit a G & M code file and select lines or all of the file to execute on the attached machine.

The G & M code interpreter is setup to work with codes that were generated for the Fanuc controllers.

It works in Incremental or Absolute coords.

Movement feedrates are modal.

SuperCam G & M Codes List
Interpreted G & M Codes
; Comment Line
F Feed rate follows
G00 Rapid Travel Coordinates follow
G01 Cutting Travel Speed Coordinates follow
G02 Arc Clockwise
G03 Arc Counter Clockwise
G04 Dwell, the P number that follows is the delay in seconds.
G90 Absolute Coordinates follow
G91 Incremental Coordinates follow.
M00 Tool Path Pause.
M03 Relay A On.
M05 Relay A Off.
M08 Relay B On.
M09 Relay B Off.
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