Converting Taig Motors to Super Tech Wiring

Step 1: Preparing the motor.
Taig motor with Taig connector
cable. This is an older motor used
by Taig, yours may be different.

Remove the insulation to expose
the wires beyond where they
are connected to the Taig
connector cable.

Cut the wires close to where
they are connected to the
Taig connector cable.

Strip the insulation off the ends
of the 6 wires to approximatly
1/8" (.125").

Tin the ends of the wires with
solder, this will make soldering to
the connector easier.

Apply solder to the pins on the
DB9 Male connector. All the
pins are used except pin 7.

Step 2: Find the 2 sets of
winding wires.
The six wires
consist of 2 sets of 3 wires.
There is one set per winding.
Set your meter for continuity.
There will be continuity
between each of the 3 wires
within each set.

Shown are the two (2) sets of
three (3) wires. One wire in
each set is the center tap for
one winding in the motor.
Measure and note the resistance
between each of the 3 wires in
each set.

The center tapped wire when
checked against the other two
will give you a resistance value
that is equal, our resistance value
shows 2.5 on the meter. The
'other' two wires are connected
to the outside of the winding
in the motor.

The resistance between of the
outside winding wires and the
center tap wire reads 2.5 on
the meter.

The resistance between the two
outside winding wires should be
approximately double the value
checked between these wires
and the center tap wire, our
value shows 5.1 on the meter.

Check the second set of wires
in the same manner to locate it's
center tap wire. The resistance
values will be the same between
the center tap wire and each of
the two outside winding wires.

Step 3: Solder the wires to
the connector.
A DB9 Male connector is used. Starting with
one of set wires, solder the
center tap wire to pin 1 on the
connector. The two outside
winding wires go to pins 2 & 3.
Either wire can go to pins 2 &
3. The center tap wire from the
second set goes to pin 6. Pin 6
is behind pin 1. The two outside
winding wires go to pins 4 & 5.
It does not matter which wire
goes to pin 4 & 5.

Both ends of the wiring have a
DB9 connector for switching
easily between the Taig and
Super Tech controllers.
There is a male connector on
the cable from the motor and a
female connector on the cable
with the Taig motor connector.

Closeup of the wired connectors.

Closeup of the six wires from the motor.

Step 4: Adding a limit switch.
We start with two wires at 15"
and twist them using a drill. The
end length of the twisted wires
is approximately 13". Strip and
tin the wires at both ends. Apply solder to the limit switch terminals, then solder the wires. The limit
switch wires go to pins 8 & 9.

It is recommended that a shroud
(hood) be attached to cover the
DB9 connector.

Put the connnector into one half
of the shroud to get the proper
place to secure the hardware on
the wires.

Securing the shroud.

Completed wiring. If the motor rotation direction is opposite
of what is wanted, reverse the
wires to pins 4 and 5.

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