CNC PFET TresServo Circuit Board Full Assembeled

Fully Assembled PFET TresServo Circuit Board.
Controls Three Brushed DC Motors with Encoders Attached.
Controls Two Contact Relays
USB Interface with SuperCamXp
Parallel Port Step and Direction Interface for Mach3 software
Transformer direct inputs 9VAC and 24 VAC.
50 Ampere Rated Switching PFET Transisters.
Software configured Gains and Idle Power Offsets.
Real Time Active PID Motion Control for Coordinate Positioning
Home Limit Switch Circuits for Each Motor
Works with Many Different Motor Power Transformers.
Maximum Motor Cable Length is 14 feet.

Schematic of PFET TresServo Board Parallel Connector Pin Signals

Schematic of PFET TresServo Board Servo Motor and DB15 connector.

Schematic of PFET TresServo Board Servo Motor Cable

Schematic of PFET TresServo Board
USB Interfaced CNC TresServo Controller Price List
Part# TresServo-PCB  PFET TresServo CNC Three Motor Servo controller with USB interface control assembled and tested Printed Circuit Board.. Includes SuperCamXp as Graphical three axis machine control software program. DB15 Female Motor Connectors.........$595.00
CNC READY Desktop Micro Mill with NEMA23 Motor mountsPart# TAIG-2019CR-ER  Control Ready Micro Mill, 5.5"x12"x6" travel, 2019 (with ER 16 SPINDLE) converted to CNC ready with Nema 23 motor mounts, adjustable bronze leadscrew nuts, and upgraded 1/4 horse power motor . Does not include stepper motors or control system.   Weight: 83 lbs........$1,211.00

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