USB-XYYZB Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller with USB Interface to SuperCamXp

Multi Axis Usb Motor Controller with bipolar stepper motor interface.

Drives Four(4) Motors, Two are synchronized for Gantry driven with two motors.

400 Steps per Revolution, 2.5 Amperes Maximum Motor Phase Current.

There are separate female DB9 connectors for each X, Y and Z stepper motor.

Each stepper motor has a trim pot for adjusting motor phase current.

There is a Home Limit Switch circuit for each stepper motor.

The two relays are dry contract type and can be used to control items such as a Spindle Motors, Plasma Torch, Laser and Coolant on/off. The maximum contact switching current is 10 Ampere.

There are two connector panel styles. The connector panel can have either power recepticals for the main input AC or a terminal block with the Normally Open relay contacts presented.

Two fans with grill and foam filter provide forced air cooling.

The internal power supply provides 24 Volts at maximum current draw of 6.5 Ampere.

The controller is housed in a steel utility box painted grey. The steel box dimensions are: Height 4" x Width 10" x Length 10".

Shipping Weight is about 14 lbs.

Assembled USB-XYYZB circuit board.

Assembled USB-XYYZB circuit board.

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