Super Tech's You Tube Video Gallery

SuperCamXp's Main Screen Overview

Taig Micro Mill Moving and Jogging

Using the keyboard and mouse to move the Taig Micro Mill with Servo Motors around tutorial.

SuperCamXp Milling Machine Interface and Control features on the main screen.

Taig Micro Mill with Servo Motors running a simple exercise test using the parallel port and the ArmPod to create step and direction signals.

Using CorelDraw to create the toolpath for a woodsign.

Cutting Woodsign with toolpath drawing created by CorelDraw.

Taig Micro Mill with Servo Motors running a test cut of a wood sign.

CNC Taig Mill Draw and Cut with SuperCamXp, 06:47

Engraving Shamrock from DXF file on Desktop Taig Mill, 06:18

DXF to G-code File SuperCamXp Tutorial, 02:38

This is a link to a video that shows how to set the signal pin assignments. Clicking on lower left USB Ok in SuperCamXp brings up the CamPod Control Dialog which has the ARMPOD button. Clicking on the ARMPOD button brings up the Dialog Window for setting the Signal Pin Assignments.

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