Taig Micro Mill Tool Tips

This page contains information that can be helpful for drilling and milling.

You will find useful formulas for calculating speeds, feeds and metal removal rates.

There is a picture diagram showing the spindle speeds for the Taig Micro Mill and suggested speed and feed rates.

A chart with information on cutting speeds for the Super Tech version of the Taig Micro Mill. This chart contains speed rate values for the cut rate, cut slew and cut ramp. These values are intended as safe speeds to start with.

Useful Formulas
Cutting Speed:SFM = D x 0.26 x RPM
Feed per Tooth:IPT = IPM ÷ Z ÷ RPM
Spindle Speed:RPM = SFM x 3.82 ÷ D
Table Feed:IPM = IPT x Z x RPM
Inch (Feed) per Revolution:IPR (FR) = IPM ÷ RPM
Metal Removal cubic in/min:MR = IPM x RDC x ADC


D:Diameter of Tool.
Z:Number of Flutes.
FR:Feed per Revolution.
IPM:Table Feed.
IPR:Inch per Revolution.
IPT:Feed per Tooth.
SFM:Cutting Speed.
RPM:Spindle Speed.
ADC:Axial depth-of-cut (Length).
HP:Actual Horsepower available at running RPM.
PC:Power constants for HP (HP/CI-MR).
RDC:Radial depth-of-cut (Width).
MR:Metal Removal Rate (Cubic inches per minute).

Taig Micro Mill Spindle Speeds

Suggested Speeds for Drilling & Milling
High Speed Steel Drills & Tools

Average Drill Speed (sfm)
Average Tool Speed (sfm)
Brass & Bronze200150
Cast Iron (soft)12080
Cast Iron (hard)8050
Mild Steel11090
Cast Steel5080
Alloy Steels (hard)6040
Tool Steel6050
Stainless Steel3060
High Magnesium Steel1530

Suggested Feeds for Drilling

Drill Diameter (inches)Drill Feed (ipr)
< 1/80.001-0.002

Suggested Feeds for Milling
Tool Feed (inch/tooth)

MaterialFace MillsSide MillsEnd Mills
Brass & Bronze0.004-0.0200.004-0.0100.005-0.010
Cast Iron (soft)0.004-0.0160.004-0.0090.004-0.008
Cast Iron (hard)0.004-0.0100.002-0.0060.002-0.006
Mild Steel0.004-0.0100.002-0.0070.002-0.010
Alloy Steel (hard)0.004-0.0100.002-0.0070.002-0.010
Tool Steel0.004-0.0080.002-0.0060.002-0.006
Stainless Steel0.004-0.0080.002-0.0060.002-0.006
High Magnesium Steel0.004-0.0080.002-0.0060.002-0.006

Suggested Cutting Speeds

The cut speed value is the speed the tool starts cutting, at the beginning of each cut, at the end of each cut and at each change in direction.
The slew speed is the maximum speed the tool will ramp up to during a cut, which will be the maximum speed the tool will move while cutting.
The ramp is the speed of acceleration the tool moves while cutting to reach the slew speed. The ramp is also the speed of deceleration when the tool is approaching the end of a cut or when a change in direction is detected, it ramps down to the cut rate.
The cut, ramp and slew speed values are dependent on the cutting bit, material and spindle speed.
Information for more cutting materials will be added shortly.

MaterialsCut RateCut SlewCut Ramp
Corion0.2 - 0.40.4 - 0.80.005

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