Machine Limits Configuration Dialog Window

The limits of the machine are defined.

Backlash compensation parameters are set here.

Home Limit Switch polarity is defined.

Motor direction of rotation is set here.

The parameters regarding homing the machine are defined. The home command causes the Z axis to first move to engage the limit switch, then the X and Y axis motors move to engage the respective limit switches. When all the limit switches are engaged the axis are move to the home go to coordinates.

Positive Direction this is the direction the motors will rotate to cause a positive shift in the coordinate for each axis. Clicking on the buttons will toggle the direction.

Home Direction this is the direction that each axis is required to move to engage the home limit switch.

Home Location this is the coordinates of each axis when the limit switches are engaged.

Home Go To this is the coordinates to which the machine will move to after engaging the home limit switches.

Limit Maximum this is the maximum coordinate for each axis.

Limit Minimum this is the minimum coordinate for each axis.

Compensation these parameters for each axis are the amount of the backlash for each axis.

Switch Mode clicking on these buttons causes the polarity of when a home limit switch is engaged to be toggled.

Units of Length clicking on this button will cause the units of measure to be changed. There are three possiblities, Inches, Millimeters or Centimeters.

Enable Limits when checked the machine will not be allowed to be moved beyond it's boundaries defined by limit maximum and the limit minimum parameters for each axis.

Compensation when checked backlash compensation is enabled. When an axis changes direction the compensation amount is moved by the axis to make up for the backlash in the mechanical linkage of the motor.

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