Motor Parameter Cofiguration Dialog Window

Defines the motors attached to the mechanism.

Defines type of motors and how fast they can spin.

Defines the type of machine attached.

Steps/Revolution this is the number of steps per revolution for each axis.

Movement/Revolution this is how far the axis will move for one revolution of the motor shaft.

Step Sizes this is how far the axis will move for each step.

Maximum Acceleration this is the maximum rate of change in speed the motors can sustain. This parameter provides the limit for the ramp rates of the machines movements.

Maximum Start Step/Sec. this is the maximum starting or stopping steps per second that the axis motors can sustain. This defines how fast the motors will be expected to instantaneously start or stop.

Maximum Steps/Sec. this is steps per second that the axis motors can sustain.

Motor Type clicking on the little button next to the text box cause the motor type to be toggled between Stepper or Servo. The main difference being that when in servo mode the pin 15 on the CamPod is sensed for a fault status which will interrupt all movement.

Mechanism Type clicking in this text box causes the machine type to be changed. There are three(3) possiblities, Rotating Spindle, Torch XYZ or Torch XY. When in the Torch XY mode the Z axis parameters are not displayed through out. Clicking here will cause a complete redraw.

Calculate Step Sizes this button when clicked will calculate the Step Sizes base on the Steps/Revolution and Movement/Revolution parameters.

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