Desktop CNC Servo Motor Controller for Micro Mills
Three DC Servo Motors with Encoders CNC Controller.
USB Port Interface to Host Computer.
SuperCamXp Included.
For CNC control XYZ three axis machine tools.
Made to be used with Taig MicroMills.
Brushed DC Servo Motors used for coordinate positioning.
49 ampere PFET PWM Motor Transister Switches.
DB15 female motor connectors.
Utility Junction Box 10x10x4 Box

Three Servo CNC Motor Controller, USB and Parallel InterfacePart# TresServo-BX  CNC Three Motor Servo controller with USB interface control. Includes SuperCamXp as three axis machine control software program. DB15 Female Motor Connectors.........$995.00

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TresServo Schematics of Connectors Signal Pin Assignments
TresServo Schematics of Connectors Signal Pin Assignments

Schematic of PFET TresServo Board Parallel Connector Pin Signals

Servo Motor Connector Signal Pin Assignments

Servo Motor Cable Schematic

Fully Assembled PFET TresSero Board. USB Input.
18 VAC and 9 VAC power input for Transformer.
Two 10 Ampere Relays.
Home Limit Switch Circuit for Each Motor.
Encoders and Armature Power in DB15 Connector.

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