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Super Tech & Associates can provide plug and play computerized CNC desktop micro mills with the mechanical mechanism manufactured here in the United State by Taig Tools.

Super Tech On line ordering of Taig Tools Products. International orders are accepted, orders with in the United States are shipped directly from the Taig factory.

A complete list of replacement parts, accssories and cutting tools for the Micro Lathes and Micro Mills.

The Taig Micro Mill provides one of the best values for accuracy and durablity and it is built to last. These little mills can make magic happen. You can either purchase the mill for manual operation or computerized. The spindle accept standard ER16 collets and comes with a set of collets, two end mills and a clamping vice.

We get the standard Taig Micro Mill and add brushed servo motors for coordinate positioning on each axis.

The motors are connected to our electronic motor controller that then is connected to the host computer via the USB cable for our SuperCamXp program or the parallel port for the legacy Mach3 machine control program.

We offer a retrofit bundle to computerize micro mills that includes the cables, software, motors and controller.

With years of experience making motor controllers for coordinate positions if you do not see what you need drop us an email, let us see if we can help you.

Super Tech & Associates

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Desktop CNC Micro Mill Video Enlarged
Servo Motors for Coordinate Positioning
Retrofit with SuperCamXp and ArmPod

USB ArmPod running Plasma Cutter with THC & SuperCamXp

Spindle Parts Video Enlarged
Taig Tools Precision Spindle Parts

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SuperCamXp CNC Machine Control Program
SuperCamXp CNC Machine Control Program

Our SuperCamXp program is compatible with Microsoft desktop operating systems from Windows XP to the current Windows 8 verson. The motion controllers interface is via the USB ports. Most of the heavy computing for motion control is off loaded to a secondary processor that the program communicates with making the host computer useful for other uses while the attached machine is executing tool paths.

The SuperCamXp program works with to generations of signal generators to provide step and direction signals for legacy stepper motor controllers that use the parallel port interface. Our newest version is the ArmPod has software configurable signal pin assignments so it is easy to make it work with other manufactures motor controllers and drives directly.

SuperCamXp is a unique user interface that provides a graphically animated portal into machine control. The program imports DXF, HPGL and G-code files and creates the proper motor motion control signals directly form imported files without the need of creating separate toolpath files. This elliminates the blizard of numbers assoicate with most CNC toolpath execution.

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