EditCNC Command - Edit and Execute G & M Code Files

The EditCNC command is used to read, edit and execute G & M Code files.

When the text lines are high lighted in the EditCnc command, the corresponding cutting tool movements are also highlighted in the Drawing area of the screen. To highlight the text, swipe with the mouse and then click on Copy, that'll copy the lines to a buffer in the DLL part of the program.

You can exchange the highlighted text with text that has had the coordinates modified by adding offset values by clicking on the Move button. The Offset dialog form is present for setting the offsets for each axis.

The File text box displays the current file loaded into the code script text box.

The Execute All button causes all of the g-code script to be followed. It starts interpreting at line one(1) and continues until it reaches the end of the text.

The Execute At button causes the g-code script to be followed beginning at the current cursor position.

The Save button will save the contents of the code script text box to the file specified by the File text box.

The Refresh Video button redraws the graphics area.

The Redraw Buffer button redraws the graphics area.

The Offset text boxes have a yellow background, they display the value that will be added to each coordinate translated by the interpreter. By changing these values the placement of the tool path can changed.

The Scale text boxes values will be used as multipliers for the coordinates translated by the interpreter. Adjusting these values will effect the size of the tool path.

The Apply button will set in place any changes made to the text boxes.

The Feedrate button will display the current mode of setting the machine motion feed rates.
  If AUTO File the F parameters in the g-code file will be used to define the tool path motion velocities.
  If MENU the feed rates in the g-code file are ignored and the programs inherent motion speed settings will be used.

The Copy button is for coping selected text to a scratch buffer.

The Move button is for moving code text.

The Insert button is for inserting a block of text into the code text.

The Reset button clears the highlighted text buffer.

The Exit button is to terminate the g-code editor.

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