Mach - Machine Console Command

The Mach command brings up the Machine Console form which is a simplified user interface to the attached machine. The intended purpose is to be used where repetitive executions of a G & M code file are used in a production environment.

The Mach command is special in that if no other commands are entered that pertain to loading files, all the subsequent executions of the SuperCamXp program will display the Machine Console as the main user interface.

When the program loads the last used G & M code file will be loaded into an editable textbox. The loaded file text box can be Copied from and Pasted too. The currently loaded file's name is displayed in the form's caption at the top.

The current XYZ coordinates of the attached machine are displayed in editable textboxes. Changing the contents of the coordinate displays does change the machine's current position.

The Apply button causes the changes made to the loaded file's text to be reflected in the machine's movement.

The START button will begin execution of the G code file from where the cursor is currently in the loaded file. The SpaceBar or Escape key on the keyboard will act as an emergency stop when the machine is in motion.

The Single Step button will execute one line of G code at the current cursor position in the loaded file. Then it will advance the cursor to the next line of code.

The REWIND button will place the cursor at the beginning of the loaded file.

The STOP button will stop the machine's movement and the execution of the tool path. The Interrupted Movement dialog window is presented. The user has the option of Resuming or Canceling the execution of the tool path. Should the Cancel option be chosen, the cursor is place in the loaded file at the line of code that was executed.

The Relay A and Relay B buttons will toggle the associated relay. The current status of the relay is displayed to the right of each button.

The current status information is displayed to a textbox beneath the buttons, with the gray background.

The background of the Machine Console form indicates the current status of the interface to the attached machine tool motor controller. Normally the background color is RED this indicates that the machine is selected and ready to go.
DARK BLUE this indicates the machine motor controller is Deselected.
LIGHT BLUE this indicates simulation with the motor controller deselected.
GREEN this indicates simulation of machine movements will occur.
YELLOW there is a problem with the USB Channel.

To make it so the Machine Console is not automatically present on each load of SuperCamXp, another file using command needs to used from the graphic user interface. Such as the Open command or importing a DXF file.

Files Pull Down Menu

Load File - Used to load another Gcode file.

Save - Saves current contents of the Gcode textbox to the current filename.

Save As - Saves the Gcode textbox contents to a file specified by user.

CAD GUI - Displays the Cad Graphic User Interface and and make available all its capabilities or hide it if already displayed.

Properties - Displays the properties of the currently loaded file, number of characters and lines in the file along with the filename in a message box.

Exit - Exits from SuperCamXp if the Cad Graphic User Interface is not visible or closes the Machine Console and returns the user interface to the CAD GUI form.

Display Pull Down Menu

Settings - Brings up the Gcode Settings form. Scale and Offsets can be set for the execution of the code.

Large Text - Sets the text size to large in the Gcode textbox.

Medium Text - Sets the text size to medium in the Gcode textbox.

Small Text - Sets the text size to small in the Gcode textbox.

Control Pull Down Menu

Deselect - Deselects the CNC Machines Motor Drivers. This permits manual manipulation of the axis motors. The background color will turn to Blue.

Select - Select enables the CNC Machine's Motor Drivers. Placing the machine in a ready to go state. The background color will turn to Red.

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