SuperCam's Commands Listed in alphabetical order

movetoMove X&Y to user specified coordinates can use mouse as pointer or keyboard entry. @diff<angle.
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* Indicates the command is in the MCHNCTRL.DAT file.
Moveto Mouse click or Keyboard input

MoveTo command moves the attached machine.

The MoveTo command can be selected from:
  The sidebar menu as MOVETO.
  By entering moveto at the command prompt.

Move Mechanism to Mouse Click or Keyboard Input:

The MoveTo Command moves the machine to the coordinates of the mouse click in the graphics area.

Keyboard input of coordinates is also possible.

Movement speed is determined by Z axis position.
  If above the surface of the material it will be at travel speeds.
  if below surface of material the it will be at cutting speeds.

After completion, the right mouse click will repeat the command and the machine can be moved again.

SuperCam Angle Orientation DiagramThe attached mechanism can be moved to a user specified location, by using the mouse pointer or keyboard.

An absolute move can be accomplished by using the keyboard to enter the x,y coordinates.

A move relative to the current postion can also be specified from the keyboard by entering the distance to move at a specified angle.

The keyboard entry format is @dist<angle. dist is the distance to travel in the current unit. angle is the angle or direction to travel in.

CAM File Format

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