CNC Servo Motor Controller Desktop Interface USB or Parallel Port
TresServo Motor Controller Box.
Relay controlled power recepticals.
USB or Parallel interface.
PID Motor Control.
Digita Pulse Width Modulation.
Brushed DC Servo Motor Control
Built in Power Supply.
120 or 240 VAC Input.
10 x 10 x 4 Inch Metal Utility Box.
Filtered Vents.
SuperCamXp Included.
USB Interfaced CNC TresServo Controller Price List

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TresServo Schematics of Connectors Signal Pin Assignments
TresServo Schematics of Connectors Signal Pin Assignments

Schematic of PFET TresServo Board Parallel Connector Pin Signals

Servo Motor Connector Signal Pin Assignments

Servo Motor Cable Schematic

Fully Assembled PFET TresSero Board. USB Input.
18 VAC and 9 VAC power input for Transformer.
Two 10 Ampere Relays.
Home Limit Switch Circuit for Each Motor.
Encoders and Armature Power in DB15 Connector.

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